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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spot the difference

No really, I have been working on this ...

Anyone who has questioned the buddhist maxim "everything is connected", clearly has never tried to declutter their house. I know a comparison of the photos requires a magnifying glass to see the changes, but most of the things crowding the room are required for regular use, while the wardrobe has been packed (with extraordinary and disheartening efficiency) with all the things we never use. 

So over the past fortnight I have been concentrating on moving things out of the wardrobe to a storage locker.  There are now 12 things in it, including golf clubs (used once over the past 11 years), a box of video tapes (last watched over 6 years ago), a christmas tree and decorations (at least they get used once a year).  This will allow me to create a home for the things we do use in the wardrobe and get them off the floor.

Another tricky aspect about decluttering is that it opens your eyes to how much clutter surrounds you.  So I have also been working on other areas of the apartment:
  • the two guitars and two violins we own are now safely housed in my parents' back room,
  • my Thomas Gannon coffee table is now a giant toy box, while the 3 year old magazines and newspapers that were in its draws are now cleared out,
  • a collection of stray homeless items are now in a "find a home" box for dealing with as I progress.
The silver box I discussed in my last post appears to be working.  In these types of things you can never sit back and wait for the universe to come to you, so I called my boss so he could give me the phone number for HR and wrote it down on a catalogue while talking to him. Of course I ended up throwing out the catalogue before I called HR, but then I thought, "OK silver box, lets test you out".  I decided I would look under the silver box to see if I could find the piece of paper with the phone number for HR (and my employee number, which I would also need).  The silver box was sitting on the desk with nothing underneath (you can see it in the second picture above, on the left hand corner with a CD-ROM box sitting on top of it).  So I opened the draw below it and pulled out a bunch of papers.  The last piece of paper was the one I was looking for.  I called HR and 10 minutes later they had emailed me my pay slips.  I now just need one of my husband's payslips, and I have all I need to apply for the baby bonus.


  1. I can see some differences already.

    Funny that we are in the same process right now. The process of decluttering. I think mine is connected to my weight loss. I'm ready to let go of EVERYTHING that has been weighing me down and holding me back. I loved how you said that decluttering means facing up to having wasted thousands of dollars etc. I'm determined to get some of that back and am creating an ebay and an amazon pile to sell some of the stuff.

    I love this process. It feels like an acceptance of reality.

    {{{Hugs and Kisses}}}

  2. I was originally thinking that I couldn't be bothered trying to sell things - but now that I'm getting organised I am thinking I could try to cover the cost of the storage locker and eventually move to a smaller, cheaper one.

    I didn't realise you could sell things on Amazon - but of course there is always the option of buying used books. I must look into that.

  3. honey its looking good. keep up the good work, your doing an amazing job.