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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well and truly in the thick of it

Now I have everything off the floor (more or less), the plan is to move the four bookcases out into the living area and set up the cot in the left corner of the room as seen in (or rather, cut off of) this photo below. The black plastic that you can see behind the red ladder is covering the dismantled cot.

I was also rather pleased to realise the other day that I have the whole of the top of the wardrobe cleared out and have started putting the things to go into it in 30 litre boxes with lables. They are a good size but not too large and heavy, so you can pull them out without having to be an olympic weight lifter. I was thinking, that the right side of the wardrobe is also finished, but then I realised that the red ladder in the photo above is supposed to be going in there so I will need to do a bit more rejigging.

Today, being a Saturday, I had planned to get stuck into things.  Unfortunately, I got the results of a blood test yesterday, which showed that my thyroid gland is overactive.  In the past, it has been just slightly out of whack, but now its gone the full monty. My doctor has told me to do nothing for a week to try to calm it down (and she means nothing, to the point where she has given me a certificate so my husband can have a week off work to look after me and our baby). I hope it works because pretty much the only cure if it doesn't get better is to cut out the nodules causing the problems and then take tablets for the rest of my life.  

I really don't want to be on medication for the rest of my life, so I have spent much of the day in bed and the rest on the couch. Yesterday, I was thinking that an overactive thyroid is not so bad - I have almost got down to a weight I am happy with, I can eat as much as I want and I never get cold anymore.  However, doing nothing all day has made me realise I really don't feel well.  I have the jitters like I have drunk 10 cups of expresso, but I'm still tired and wish I could just fall asleep. 

The decluttering continues, however, with my wonderful husband in the process of moving the two bookcases into the dining area and setting up the cot. 


  1. So sorry you're not feeling well Isabella. I do hope the thyroid settles down. We've got thyroid problems in my family as well, so I have a bit of an idea of how you feel.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Rest well.

  2. Thanks Nona,

    The relaxing seems to be working, although I have been eating and eating and eating and still always hungry and losing weight. I know it sounds like heaven, but I've been trying to follow a Paleo diet and there are times when I just can't face another vegetable.

  3. What about nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Can you have those? Nuts and seeds tend to be more filling.
    Continue to get better my sweet!!!

  4. Yes nuts and dried fruit are allowed. Not so sure about seeds but I think as long as they are not ground up they should be fine. My husband bought a pack of sunflower seeds at the supermarket yesterday and I was looking at them and thinking - well, they are almost as big as a nut, so I don't see why our Paleolitic ancestors wouldn't have eaten them.

    The issue with seeds/grains is that they have too many calories and some actually have substances in them that prevent you from absorbing nutrients.