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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 13: Worship

The Day 15 Chapter is about how to worship God. There are four characteristics of how to worship:
  1. Accurately: worship the God that is in the bible, not a version of God that you made up yourself.
  2. Authentically: Your emotions should be engaged when you worship God and the best style of worship is the one that suits that background and personality God gave you.
  3. Thoughtfully: Don't just repeat cliches, use your own words and be specific, ie tell God what you are praising him for
  4. Practically: Offer yourself as a living scarifice through, for example, thanksgiving, praise, humility, repentance, offerings of money, prayer, serving others, and sharing with those in need.
Its great to learn that I don't have to enjoy those awful hymns that accompany church services, but I think I need to start reading the bible to learn what God is really like.

P.S. The body corporate today agreed to refund my $120. Yeah! My prayer was answered.


  1. Body Corporate? No match for your BFF!

  2. Can I be bold and ask what the day 13 & 14 chapters were about????



  3. Hi Ken, thanks for reading my blog. The referance to day 15 in the first line is a typo (gotta hate how they automatically appear after I publish posts and move on), this post is about Day 13.

  4. Hi Isabella!

    No thanks required! I really look forward to reading your blog every night and meditate on it's contents throughout the day.

    Thank you my dear friend for sharing this journey with us!

    K xxxxx