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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 9: Making God Smile

The Day 9 chapter examines things you can do to make God smile - "the goal of your life" - and uses Noah's life (as in Noah and the ark) for examples.

This includes:
  • loving God supremely - I can't say I feel love towards God because you can't see or hear God, you can't even be sure he exists, but maybe it comes with time.
  • trust God completely - Noah did this by spending 120 years (!) building an ark, but how does it apply to us? I suppose by reading the bible and following the commands in there.
  • obey him wholeheartedly - do everything the bible tells you to do, no cherry picking. I think I need to do what AJ Jacobs did (see my first post, he lived biblically for a year) and make a list of everything it tells you to do - or just find his list*. Its interesting that Rick Warren says that you will never understand some commands until you do them first and AJ Jacobs found the same thing.
  • praise and thank God continuously - while in my last post I wrote about the benefits of gratitude, I have found it a hard ask to praise and thank God continuously, because I don't think of God continuously throughtout the day.
  • use your abilities - this seems straight forward enough.
*Found a summary of AJ Jacob's list on his website ( This list is on this page:

He says the bible says to give thanks for food but he started giving thanks for everything and it was great because it made him aware of how much goes right each day. So maybe I should just try a bit harder.

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