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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 24: Read the bible

The Day 24 chapter discusses the importance of reading the bible and putting what you learn into practice.  It is one of the tools to help you become like Jesus.

A few years ago I decided I would read the bible, because a lot of people say they don't agree with the bible but how can you decide to agree or disagree with something if you don't know what it says?  I think I managed to read about half.  When people asked me what I thought about the bible, the only answer I had for them is "It's long!".  When I read The Purpose Driven Life, I am amazed at the practical advice the bible contains, but when I read the bible directly, I had real trouble getting anything out of it.

Looking back, I can see two barriers that got in my way:
  1. I just wanted to get it finished, so I read the words on the page but I didn't think about what they meant;
  2. I was looking to find things that interested me, rather than trying to understand what God wanted me to learn;
Rick Warren recommends that when you read the bible you ask simple questions (who, what, where, why, how) and take the time to write down your thoughts about what you have read.  In order to apply its principles, he recommends that you write out an action step and a deadline for taking that action.

As I am finding it hard to read each chapter of book and write this blog, I will wait until I have finished to start reading the bible again.  On the PDL website there are 30 day and 90 day plans for reading the New Testament and a 1 year plan for reading the whole bible, see

Have you tried to read the bible? What was the experience like for you?


  1. Hi Isabella!

    Many years ago I got a full King James version of the bible and read the whole Old Testament. I was surprised that there were stories containing sex, drugs and murder. Found it quite an interesting read, with even a twist of comedy, except for Kings (there's a lot of begatting in there but not much else, lol!). That's where it finished though - didn't read the Apocrypha or the New Testament.

    While following your current journey's blog I have decided that I must pick up the New Testament and dust it off.



  2. I haven't read the whole old testament, but there is some quite shocking stuff in there.

    I was amazed when I read about King David, that while he had an army at war, he spotted a woman he wanted to sleep with and had her husband sent into a battle so the husband would die and he would get to sleep with the woman. I was then even more amazed to find out that she got pregant from this and gave birth to Solomon, who is another of the big names in the OT and who, I would have otherwise assumed, had a spotless pedigree.

    In the New Testament, about 10 years ago I read Matthew after reading a book on budhism and was surprised at how similar they were. I think I also read John because I read an interview with Nick Cave, who said a priest once advised him to read it. When Nick asked why, thinking it would be because it contained some special message, the priest instead said "because its short."

  3. Love it! Looks like "The Gospel According To John" is where I'll make a start!

    Ken xxx

  4. Tried once, but never got anywhere. Not that I am much of a reader these days.